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About Car Build Index –

What true car guy doesn’t like a good car build thread that illustrates in detail the modifications and/or the restorations of some of our favorite cars?
There is something to be said about seeing a car in it’s basket-case “before” stage, and then the progress that it makes, step by step, to bring it to the new restored level which it ultimately deserves. All of us here probably has a list of dream cars that we would love to own and personalize to our own taste. Well, not all of us can turn the dream of a 50+ car garage into a reality. That is why we find ourselves on line, looking at other people’s cars and the painstaking detail that their owners have given them to create vehicles that in most cases will cost more to convert or restore than they will ever be worth once they are finally completed. Which is why we at CarBuildIndex.com are here. To bring you, the reader, as many car builds as we can. From as many different car cultures as possible. We are here to fulfill your automotive interests and appreciation in everything car-build related, while at the same time help you rediscover new models that you had never considered before, or may not have ever known to have existed. I know from personal experience that there are many types of automobiles which I hadn’t any knowledge or interest in before seeing one altered or refurbished a particular way as to provoke my interest, and from there a new appreciation for the whole marque is born.
Let CarBuildIndex.com be the spark that ignites your automotive imagination and enthusiasm for everything involving car builds, modifications and restorations. Expand that dream car garage, whether it be imaginary or a dream-come-true to reality. Enjoy.