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What’s this, you ask? Just one of a few things I ran across on the internet today. Find out more about it on the following page…

1) Theory- Luke Skywalker’s T-34 Landspeeder and its Similarity to the American Custom Car Culture and Hot Rodding Scene:


Have you ever thought about the resemblance between the American custom car and hot rodding scene and Luke Skywalker with his T-34 Landspeeder before? Well, neither had I until Mike Gulett from MyCarQuest.com pointed out in a recent post that Luke is just like every other car obsessed teenager who tinkers on his own car, modifying it to make it faster to get him out of his own boring home town as quickly as possible.

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Enjoy more photos and read about his full theory HERE.


2) Porsche 962 Replica Build with GT3 Engine:


Thanks to Build-Threads.com, I ran across this completely bananas Porsche 962 replica build today that is currently in progress on PistonHeads.com HERE, renewing my faith that there are geniuses out there who are using their mad powers for the good of the iconic 1980’s race car community.

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We’d toss the blingtastic wheels and get some proper magnesium BBS race wheels with center locks on there, but that is just nitpicking.

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3) Morbid History- JFK’s License Plates Sell at Auction

How much would you pay for the license plates that were on President John F. Kennedy’s Lincoln limo when he was assassinated in 1963?



“After that fateful day in Dallas, JFK’s limo was sent back to Cincinnati to be retrofitted with additional security equipment by Hess & Eisenhardt. During the modification process, an FBI agent discarded the yellow plates bearing the number GG 300. Willard C. Hess, owner of the company, rescued them from the trash.

Hess literally kept them on the shelf before passing them on to his daughter Jane Walker, who kept them in a drawer in her kitchen. She recently consigned them to Heritage Auctions in Dallas. The auction house put them up for grabs as part of its Americana & Political event on Nov. 7, where an unnamed collector paid $100,000 for them.”


Interesting bit of history, but morbid nonetheless.


4) GiPi Motor at 2015 Spa Classic in Belgium 


5) 10k Mile, In-The-Wrapper 1990 Corvette ZR-1 Sells for $24,000?


This may be the correct market value for this car, but it seems like an absolute bargain for a King of the Hill Corvette with just 10,000 miles on the clicker. I remember Chevrolet was having problems selling the later versions of these as the Lotus-developed LT-5 engine (in 1990 they had 375 -380) had 400 hp when the standard ‘Vette had just 25 less and was about half the price.


But look at that widened rear end! The dead giveaway was the third brake light on top of the hatch instead of between the rear taillights and the much deeper dish in the center of the rear wheels.


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Whether this type of car is on your own personal bucket list or not, you’ve got to admit that seems like a deal for a limited production car that is sure to escalate in value in the not-too-distant future. Find the original ebay ad HERE




6) Speaking of Build Threads- Have You Seen this 1979 Honda CVCC Automatic Being Transformed into a 260 HP K20A Engine Swapped Monster?


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“A sub-firewall and partially hidden plumbing allow for a sanitary engine bay but won’t make wrenching any easier. Power comes from a Honda K20A2 twin cam pulled from an Acura RSX Type-S, though thanks to upgraded internals, valvetrain, large bore individual throttle bodies and a standalone, programmable ECU, power is now quoted as a believable 260 HP—likely north of 8k RPM. The RSX also donated its 6-speed gearbox, and hopefully it retains that car’s wonderfully slick and precise shift feel as adapted here.”


“Wilwood discs and calipers should offer adequate stop to match the nearly 400% power increase over stock, while suspension runs custom built coilovers. 195/34-15 Toyo Proxes are mounted to 7” wide, zero offset banana spokes…”

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We always appreciate sleeper builds that hold restraint in the cosmetic department but pack punch in performance where it counts with proper engine, suspension and brake upgrades.


Find the full build thread based HERE, and the Bringatrailer.com feature from when it was for sale HERE.

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