A Personal Connection- 1988 BMW M6 Dinan Turbo For Sale on BaT

1This non-running 1988 BMW M6 modified with Dinan Turbo charged engine and suspension package was just put up for sale today by auction on Bringatrailer.com. While all of the car’s details can be found in the link provided on the following page, what they won’t tell you in the description is my own personal experience with this particular car from over 25 years ago. As soon as I read that it had originally been built for former Tonight Show bandleader Doc Severinsen, I knew this was the very car that I’ve been in. In a high speed pursuit…

You see, back in the late 80’s when I still hadn’t even hit 20 years old yet, a buddy of mine and I popped into Superformance in Santa Monica to check out what was going on there as they usually had some pretty insane Dinan and other such builds going on.
Being a regular there and them knowing that I was a total car guy to the core (they even recognized me from a small picture in a Car and Driver story the magazine did on Elf Winfield race school in France, when my mug appeared wearing a happy face t-shirt in the issue showing a group shot of us attendees), one of the head guys says to us, “hey, hop in, taking Doc’s turbo M6 for a shakedown”, or something to that effect. That’s all we had to hear.
We, of course, piled in and then hit the 10 freeway. Next thing you know we were accelerating hard at full tilt. All out. Nothing left on the table. As we approached 150 with ease in a manner of (what felt like) mere nanoseconds, the madman behind the wheel started swaying back and forth, back and forth in his drivers seat, a move I still emulate to this day out of sheer respect. As he’s looking out the rear view mirror, he says something about a cop back there coming at us in hot pursuit with his lights blaring. It was on.
We got off the freeway at the nearest off ramp. At speed. Then we headed back to the shop to go our own separate ways. We were just too far ahead at that point.
Now we know better as we are much more mature in our older age now and keep our high speed exploits on the track where they belong, but at the time we were all fired up from the experience. My buddy and I got into my ’86 Neuspeed-built GTI and drove it as hard as I could on the way home, even though nothing it could provide could possibly compare to the excitement that had just transpired.
My little VW with 1/4 the hp just felt dog slow in comparison after what we had just been trough, and from that point forward I had a whole new-found appreciation for high horsepower cars.
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You know the saying that goes something like, “if only that car (or insert anything else here for that matter) could talk”? Well, this Dinan M6 Turbo just did. 🙂
34Find the full listing HERE. Let’s hope this one gets rebuilt back to spec so it can be run hard in anger once again, as it was originally built to do. And if you have a car related story to share, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, submit it to us at [email protected] to post here. 

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