1992 BMW Alpina B12 5.0 Restoration

This 1992 BMW Alpina B12 5.0 is the subject of a restoration on bimmerforums.com by its owner, forum member “rogbmw”.  Alpina built a total of only 97 of these modified V12 850i models, all of which came with 4 speed automatics with LSD and had mild engine mods bringing them to 350 hp and 470 NM of torque. Throw in their normal sporty gran touring shocks and springs along with 18″ wheels and customized interior/exterior accents and you have an unmistakably recognizable package as unique to the German tuner. This example was recently imported to the U.S. from Japan as none of them were ever originally officially delivered here, and the painstaking process of having it completed legally with all of the proper documentation and paperwork has taken well over two years, so far. The car had only 23,000 miles when he purchased it a few years back, although because “the Japanese weather is hard on silver paint”, the main topic of the thread was initially going to be documenting its complete repaint in the original color. That was the plan to begin with, at least, although as the end of the build thread approaches 19 pages there doesn’t appear to be any part of the car that hasn’t been given a complete rebuild or restoration. As the saying goes, no rock has been left unturned. So, let’s take a look at how the beginning of the project unfolds on the following page, shall we?…

Optional Sport Seat: 

Here are some pictures I took yesterday when I took it to the painters. I ended up taking off the front bumper and the front air boxes. They are HUGE!

Here is Gary when I delivered the car. He is the owner of the shop, and does all the work himself. A Great Guy, and he is excited to be doing the Alpina.

I just got approval pictures back from the shop that did the restoration on the console. 
The first picture is the rear console section, with a piece of the original wood that came off for comparison.

Other Pics

These pictures are after two coats of stripper. The body will then be totally taken down by hand to metal. Gary saved me a bucket of the initial scrapings to show me the paint. Evidently the car had been repainted once before, so taking everything off was the correct way to do everything. I have total trust in Gary, and his work. Remember – he is a one man show, and does everything himself.

Here is the factory seam on the C pillar. The trim under the yellow tape will be coming off Monday. The back glass in this picture has been taken out of the car, but is just sitting there for now.

Here are the rims – all 5 were stripped, spun and any defects repaired, then powdercoated along with the center caps.

Find the rest of the detailed build thread beginning with where it left off on page 4 HERE. Or just browse through all of the photos attached on the right hand column.

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