The Lufthansa Sponsored 1970 Porsche 914-6 GT Restoration

As fellow card carrying members of the exclusive vintage car enthusiasts club, certainly when you think of an orange colored Porsche 914-6 GT racer it’s this specific Lufthansa sponsored example that immediately springs to your mind too. The 1970 FIA Group 4 competitor is seen here while undergoing an extensive restoration by Rare Drive in New Hampshire, who spent over 4,000 hours bringing the 1,830 lb slot car to better than new condition by using as many NOS parts as possible. Rather than rattle off stats from its impressive race history, though, we thought it would be more interesting to check out exactly what makes these lightweights unique from their road going 914-6 kin other than the obvious wider Fuchs rims and flared fenders…

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Pictures of it racing in period above, and below on the day it was found and purchased.
3When originally produced, Porsche handpicked 11 teams and dealers to supply fully built street 914s to in order to transform into race cars themselves. They came complete with kits filled with GT specific race parts, type 906 2 liter flat 6 engines and full factory support.
8 5 12 14 16Goodies in the conversion kits included wider steel fenders to house the 15×7 and 8 inch Fuchs, and hoods, rocker panels and bumpers made out of fiberglass.
17 1 19 1 1 19 2 20Stock 110 hp 6’s were swapped in favor of twin plug units pushing out just over double that power, along with transmissions that had 904 main shafts for a better variety of gear ratios to choose from. Limited slip differentials were also part of the package.
24 28 31 30To rein these little sleds down from speed, 911S brakes were used in the front while the rears were modified to accept vented discs.
32 33 34 36This particular example is unique in that it features two gas tanks instead of one big one since it was built before 110 liter tanks were made available.
A pull cable system replaced the headlight motors in an effort to reduce weight wherever possible, as well as ditching the standard seats and carpets in favor of lighter weight pieces.
38 45 46 47Add roll cage and sponsorship livery and wallah, you had yourself a competitive Group 4 race car.
40 43This restoration was finished back in early 2004, just in time for Rennsport Reunion II at Daytona where it unsurprisingly won the concours and saw some track time, as well.
50 48 53 1 51It has since been offered for sale by Canepa, who outlined in more specific detail exactly all of the components that make up this special 914-6 GT (#914.043.1415) in comparison to a garden variety 914-6 (is there such a thing?), as seen below.
56 59 57914-6 GT Components:

Body Interior
1. Fiberglass front bumper
1. Fiberglass front lower valance
1. Fiberglass with balsa wood reinforcement front hood
1. Fiberglass with balsa wood reinforcement rear hood
1. Fiberglass rear bumper
1. Fiberglass side rockers
1. Steel Fender extensions
1. Plex side windows
1. Plex rear window
1. Lightweight door panels
1. Plastic Door pull
1. Leather door release strap
1. 10,000 RPM Tach
14. 911 S combination Oil pressure/Oil Temp
15. Racing seat
16. Roll Bar
17. Steel reinforced roof
18. Lightweight carpet
19. Electric cut off switches
20. Twin ignition pull switches
21. GT rear engine lid with external pull
22. Racing exhaust system
1. Front 911 S Koni adjustable struts
2. 911S aluminum front brake Calipers
3. Front 908 oil cooler
4. Front Oil cooler mount, cover and front screen
5. 6 piece oil line kit
6. 911 R oil filter adaptor
7. Oil bypass lines and connections
8. Rear Koni double adjustable shocks
9. Rear Caliper spacers to allow vented rotors
10. Rear 911 vented brake rotors
11. 904 main shaft
12. 7:31 Ring and Pinion
13. Limited Slip
14. 7×15 front and 8×15 rear alloy wheels
15. Longer wheel studs with 21mm spacers
16. 15mm front anti roll bar
17. 14mm rear anti roll bar
18. 906 twin plug racing engine (901/25)
1. Pull cable front headlight release
2. Twin gas tank fuel system
3. 110L Endurance Gas Tank *
4. Front strut braces and cross bar (when installing 110L tank)*

42Source, Source, Source

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