More Abandoned Vintage Car Photos

Seeing pictures of worthy vintage cars in such dilapidated states as the ones are in the following gallery always makes one wonder what the history is on each one and how they got to be there in the first place…

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37Fortunately some background information surfaced on by forum member “buzby” about these 3 Citroens above, one of which is a 4TC road car that was used as an Evo development mule and the other 2 which are actual ex-factory BX 4TC race cars. The picture above shows them after they were rescued in 2004 by ex works driver Phillipe Wambergue, one of which was restored to the specification that it had when he raced it at the 1986 Acropolis Rally. 38 39
In the picture below, the restored car sits next to the unrestored example. 40 41

42 43
Test mule below being towed to restoration…44 45
“Buzby” was able to identify these kevlar/grp body panels above as from a Lancia Delta S4, the one without the Martini sponsorship livery as the one raced by Jarno Lahteenmaki in the 1989 European Rallycross Championship. Before his ownership, the ex-works car was owned and raced by Matti Alamaki at the same event in 1987. 46
More recently it was restored by our favorite Finnish rally car restoration shop Makela Auto Tuning for Juha Kankkunsen’s vast car collection, as seen below. 


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