2010 Audi A4 Avant to S4 Project Build by GMG Racing

This 2010 Audi A4 Avant is the project build of GMG Racing’s own tech guru and audizine.com forum member “auditech91320”. It involved taking a client’s A4 wagon and giving it a full holistic, spiritual and existential makeover. Translating that to car-talk, it means that they took the engine, suspension, brakes and all of it’s associated hardware out of a salvaged Audi S4 donor sedan and then transferred it to the Avant recipient.



The station wagon gave the S4’s running gear a second chance to live a new life at flying under the radar in true sleeper mode, just the way we like them. It is unfortunate that the States don’t receive the factory hot rod versions of the Audi wagons, but if there is anybody here qualified to perform the swap correctly, it is GMG Racing.

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The massaged end result is the only known B8 S4 Avant in North America which is fully emission compliant in California.

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GMG’s Audi MasterTech “auditech91320” was the sole person responsible for doing the entire build himself, transplanting everything from the S4 , including the 3.0L supercharged engine and 7 speed DSG transmission, all of it’s associated electrical components and modules, coding, and also swapping of the suspension and brakes. In addition, they plan on using the shell of the S4 for the structure of a race car build, not leaving anything to waste. Perhaps we can convince them to post that project on line too? We will keep you posted…

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In any case, we are huge fans of Global Motorsports Group’s work and love a stealth wagon build. Only a trained eye will pick up on the exterior visual cues of this Avant’s use of S4 bumpers, RS6 fender flares and lowered stance with GMG springs, leaving them to wonder if it has the inner substance to back it up it’s good looks. It shouldn’t take long to figure out the answer to that question.

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And a feature of GMG here:

Video spotlight on GMG Racing from Audizine:


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