1984 Porsche Rothmans Prodrive 911 SCRS Restoration

Today’s Friday feature is the restoration of an authentic 1984 Porsche 911 SCRS which was originally built by Prodrive for racing in period with title sponsor Rothmans. This car is the real deal, 1 of only 20 cars built by the factory before being sent to the master gurus of Suburu WRC rally fame back in the day. It had been successfully campaigned in the Middle East in Group B competition before it’s latest owner here in the United States took custody of it. He had it’s engine rebuilt and had modifications given to it by Pat Williams Racing in 2005 so that he could street drive it when not participating in rally events here on our own home soil. Exactly our type of guy. More recently, Vintage Sports Cars Restorations gave it a full nut and bolt restoration, which is what you are about to witness on the following page. Behold…
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The 2,330 pound lightweight race car had never suffered any damage, which is extremely impressive considering the amount of abuse that these cars are subjected to.
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They were able to achieve that weight on a Turbo wide body by use of thinner glass, plastic bumpers, and full aluminum fenders and doors that only weigh 3.5 pounds each complete. Of course, the Rothmans livery alone accounted for approximately 20 of the 250 total horsepower derived from it’s 3.0 liter RSR based engine.
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I highly recommend that you take a look at Pat Williams Racing’s site for a fully detailed description of exactly what they did to the car when they had in their possession HERE, then lose yourself in Vintage Sports Car Restorations’ Flickr album containing 1,582 pictures of it’s rebuild HERE. I am assuming the car has since been completed, so if/when we can find more recent pictures of it I will keep you posted with the latest updates. Until then, enjoy your weekend!
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Pat Williams Racing
6364 Summer Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38314

Vintage Sportscar Restorations
4594 South Pacific Highway
Phoenix, Oregon


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