THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015: #14- 1984 Honda Civic Rear Wheel Drive Mid Engine V6 Wide Body Build

16This 1984 Honda Civic was once a scrap yard car destined for the crusher until Andy Barcheck, a Navy civilian engineer got his hands onto it and rebuilt it into a mid engine, rear wheel drive platform complete with a custom hand fabricated steel wide body kit. Andy spent a total of 5 years laboring over it’s build entirely by himself, and surprisingly only spent $13,000 since he did all of the work himself except for the paint. This unique Civic represents everything that we at are all about: a tasteful home garage build with quality that could pass for factory. As vintage car gear heads, of course the first comparable cars that obviously come immediately to mind would have to be Renault’s R5 Turbo and Ford’s Fiesta SHOgun since they were also both mid engine hot hatches with box flared designs of the same era too, but the difference here is that this one was the only one of it’s kind ever built, and not by a major manufacturer either…
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Behind Acura Integra sourced front seats, Andy cut the floor out and built a tube frame and roll bar, and utilized the engine and transaxle mounts from an ’86 Acura Legend.
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In the front engine bay where the stock motor used to be now sits a 14 gallon fuel cell along with a Corvette radiator to cool the mid mounted 2.5 liter Acura Legend V6.
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86 Corvette brakes sized 11.5 inch front and rear were also used, as well as their 5 lug hub carriers with custom mounts to adapt them, custom fabricated by Andy. Up front, the torsion bars were tossed in favor of some custom coilovers made from adjustable Tokiko stocks using modified 240Z struts and a 1 inch sway bar, as well as an adjustable 3/4″ adjustable sway bar in rear using modified 240Z struts, too.
The engine was left almost entirely stock, except for custom fabricated headers and exhaust, as well as a Porsche 911’s Bosch mechanical fuel injection.
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Overall, the width of the car was widened 2 inches in the front and 4.5 inches in the rear, allowing for the use of Enkei 2 piece rims sized 15×7 front and 15×8 rear with 205 and 225 width tires.
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The whole wide body kit was fabricated with steel except for the rear bumper, which was the only piece on the car that was made from fiberglass. The weight distribution resulted in a 43/57% front to rear split in a car weighing under 2,500 pounds. Horsepower and torque figures are both rated at 136 each, making this little go cart a perfect canyon carver.
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This mid engine Civic has got to be an absolute hoot to drive and surprise unsuspecting posers with, which only leads me to wonder what build Andy could possibly have in store next to replace this one with since selling it. Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing it’s build unfold to include here for CBI viewers to enjoy, as well.
Find it HERE.


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