Restoration of First Avanti Ever Produced

This 1961 Avanti is the very first one ever made (#1001) and is now the subject of a much needed restoration. The whacky metallic flake green vehicle, still containing it’s original engine and seats, was donated along with another one to the LeMay Car Museum in 2001, both in very poor condition. It’s restoration back to it’s original glory started in 2011 and is currently well on it’s way to completion. Get up to date on it’s story on the following page and then follow it’s progress in the link provided after. You don’t have to be an avid Avanti enthusiast to appreciate this one’s success story…
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1001, along with the first 5 or 6 Avanti’s produced, was originally Avanti White with Deluxe Orange interior and was actually used as a factory training center vehicle. The museum was able to track most of it’s history since then, but it seems that it had lost it’s Paxton supercharger that was originally attached to it’s 289 V8 sometime in it’s early life. By the time it ended up in their hands, it had accumulated roughly 69,000 miles, and we do mean roughly.
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When originally built, the fiberglass bodies were made in 110 pieces, which created alignment and fitment problems at the factory.
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Donations of people’s time and money allowed the restoration to start in 2011. It has since been repainted, had it’s engine rebuilt with it’s proper supercharger, had it’s chrome finished and is currently having it’s interior redone.
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It is on it’s way to being completed back to it’s original factory specification as it was when it rolled out of the factory.
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Follow it’s restoration here at:

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