1975 Alpine A110 Restoration

This 1975 Alpine Renault A110 1800 VA was the subject of a restoration by the marque experts at AlpineLAB in Germany. Their site covers the history and restoration of several examples, but this particular factory race car caught our attention mainly because this Berlinette was the only 1 out of the 5 total that was built for “Client Competition”, and it had been sitting, rotting away in a field in Africa until only recently getting rescued and brought back to life. Follow it’s restoration process from the beginning to end with us on the following page while we take a closer look at it from it’s slumber to splendor…

The unique rear engined racer was first sold to Rob Glen in Kenya to participate with in the 1975 East African Safari Rally. It remained in Africa after it’s race career withering away until AlpineLab found and rescued it over 30 years later, bringing it back to Germany for a chance at a new beginning.
It’s restoration ended up taking over 2 1/2 years and 3,000 hours to complete, a much longer time than the shop had originally anticipated, but isn’t that really always the case?
We especially dig the Gotti Bi alloy rims and “ailes bulles” (riveted fender flares), both so appropriate for that era.
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The required helmet box behind front seats is reminiscent of the helmet holders that Lancia Stratos’ have in their door cards, which speak “drive to track, race, then drive home” in volumes.
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Once completed, it’s original owner was tracked down on the internet, and pictures of it were sent to him. He was thrilled at seeing it back in it’s original glory and only asked that he have the opportunity to take a picture with it once again.
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We would have to imagine a test drive for old times sake is thrown in at that time, as well, as it should be. Be sure to check out the video of the car below in more detail while it is being put through it’s paces.

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