Lamborghini LM002 Restoration

This Lamborghini LM002 was restored over the course of 2,400 work hours by the crew at Lamborghini Wycombe in the U.K. They started with what looked like a very nice blue on gray example, but then did what they had to do by stripping it down to the bone for completing it a to a full show quality restoration that included a color change to black on beige, their 6th LM002 rebuild to date. We have always been huge fans of the model and are trying to imagine a manufacturer today creating a modern interpretation that is as brute and so perfectly politically incorrect as the raging bull has proven to be, but somehow we just can’t envision anything to ever be as raw and sinister again…
Introduced at the 1985 Brussels Auto show, the Lamborghini LM002 was first built in an entirely different rear mounted American V8 configuration called the “Cheetah” when the concept was initially conceived as a military vehicle in 1977.
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Apparently, the U.S. passed on the concept and rumors of examples built for middle eastern military never actually ever transpired either, so Lamborghini decided to take Countach engines and mount them in the front, cover their interiors in luxurious leather from top to bottom, installed air conditioning, electric windows and stereo systems and then offered them to brave members of the general public. And we love them for that.
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We hope that whoever owns this one is taking full advantage of it’s massive Pirelli Scorpion tires, knowing that it can be restored again in a few years after being used as it was originally intended.
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To us that means with it’s Countach engine wound out to red line in each gear while off roading it with Pavarotti blaring on the stereo and the air conditioning blowing at full blast.
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Hopefully it is seeing more off road use than just rolling lightly on manicured grass to sit on display at shows. Even though the finished product looks absolutely stunning in it’s better than new condition, somehow we feel that it would look even better now covered in dirt.
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Find 147 pictures of the restoration HERE.
Information source
Lamborghini Wycombe Service
Modena House
Blenheim Road
Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe
Bucks HP12 3RS
Tel: +44(0)7860333760
Interior done by:
K.Baggs Trimming
Unit 6
Cortry Close
Poole, Dorset BH12 4BQ
Tel: 012020744544

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