Factory Special 1985 VW Porsche Bus: The B32

Here’s an interesting vehicle that we never knew existed before, the 1985 VW Porsche B32. Porsche reportedly built up to possibly 15 of these rare 3.2 liter flat 6 cylinder vans, although we are finding conflicting reports which state that it could have been just 10 or 11 total. The concept for the original example was made when the factory wanted a support vehicle for use at the Paris to Dakar Rally when they were racing their 959 in some Group B action. Whatever the reason, we are just happy that this creation exists and can’t believe we have never heard of it before. We have seen VW Bus’s in an assortment of engine swap flavors, normally utilizing Subaru’s boxer engine as a cost effective power upgrade, but we like to keep it in the family and this example is kosher clean. Come take a closer look at it with us on the following page for more details..

We found that most of the pictures were of this grey example, which looks period correct on 16×7 and 16×9 satin black centered Fuchs and utilizing a Carrera steering wheel in the cabin from the same era, too.


Other modifications to the factory specials include brake and suspension upgrades too, to help it appropriately handle it’s new found 230 horsepower Porsche engine with 130 mph top speed. We imagine the Carrera parts bin was raided for it’s brakes, and suspension something a little more custom that probably consisted of shocks, springs and larger diameter sway bars. This is Porsche we are talking about, after all.


It is said that Mrs. Porsche used one of these Bus’s to haul the kids to school in, which is so much more appropriate than a minivan for the junior automotive royalty.

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We are always huge fans of rare factory sleeper specials, and this one quite literally fills the “sleeper” bill in more ways than one.

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