2012 Porsche RSR Getting Painted in Sponsor’s Falken Tire Scheme

This 2012 Porsche GT3 RSR was sponsored by Falken Tires for the American Le Mans Series and for today’s feature it is seen here getting painted in their team colors. For us, race cars (and especially street cars) look their best with a very clean factory look before they have been wrapped with busy liveries or slapped with sponsorship stickers. Take a walk with us on the following page as we follow this race car through it’s unfortunate but necessary paint process…

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We were surprised to find out that the team was actually painting the car, rather than wrapping it, which we had the impression was the much more popular choice these days.
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The whole process is very time consuming. In fact, just taping the car during preparation was a 4 hour process.
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Falken dictates the paint scheme using Lamborghini Blue Nova and PPG Summer Green.We can imagine how the painter must cringe every time he watches the race car make contact even the slightest bit with anything else.
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As soon as we build up a large enough collection of photos, we are going to post a feature that showcases as many race cars without sponsorship liveries as possible, because although this car looks great now, we personally would prefer racing in a world of solid colors. Color us crazy (we couldn’t resist).
Until then find this Falken RSR here at:

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