Evel Knievel’s Custom 1975 Mack Truck and Tow Rig

Here we have the beginning stages to the restoration of Evel Knievel’s custom 1975 Mack FS700 truck and adjoining 1966 custom trailer. The project looks to have been given some publicity starting around 2 years ago, but apparently aside from getting it into running order there isn’t any other public evidence of any further progress with it. Regardless, we felt that this important piece of Americana was too good to pass up featuring here because what kid growing up during the 70’s didn’t have at least one form of the stuntman’s action figures to play with? Whether it be a stars and stripes caped figurine of the dare devil himself or a toy version of the motorcycle that he used to practically obliterate himself with to smithereens so many countless times, his relentless self promotion ended up in our homes across the country throughout so many of our formative years. Continue with us on the following page for a backstage look at this extremely over sized piece of U.S. novelty history…
Being the consummate showman that he always was, Evel had Mack Trucks build him this mammoth sized big rig with living quarters for use as his home to tour the country in when performing his outrageous shows. Back in 1975, an employee of Mack trucks shot the following video of the custom rig right after they had completed building it:

The truck and trailer were so long, in fact, that special arrangements had to be made in advance for permits when traveling through some states in order to avoid being pulled over and fined.2 1

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We actually find it to be far cooler to see the custom rig in it’s original condition before it gets all shined up and restored. Tends to spark the imagination more, for us.
What’s cooler than finding a hidden safe? It was in a cabinet under the floor of the trailer. Unfortunately, they ripped it out of the truck and busted it open, only to find it empty…
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In the following video, the truck is brought back into running order once again, after years of neglect sitting in a Florida yard:

Dare we label this one with “patina” or “survivor”? Not a chance. We especially appreciate the “Drive Safely”  painted on the back of the truck in the photo below, a kind but contradictory suggestion from the madman himself. Awesome. May Evel Knievel and his truck rest in peace.7


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