An Upclose Look at CCC’s Porsche Boxster Race Car

This Porsche Boxster Spec race car, nicknamed the “Yellow Submarine”, was recently purchased by the gang at Classic Car Club Manhattan. If you are not familiar with them already, CCC keeps an inventory of classic and exotic “driver’s cars” in stock to rent out to enthusiasts who want entertaining vehicles to tool around in. The crew provides the joys of driving enjoyment victory without any of the maintenance downfalls of defeat, the best of both worlds we would have to say. Their fleet changes, but a few examples of the combined 20,000 + horsepower that they currently have in stock include everything from a ’68 Charger and ’74 Brumos 911 to an ’07 Aston Martin Vantage and an ’11 Ferrari 458 Italia, with a cherry on the top ’69 Bronco thrown in just to mix it up. Come check out their latest Boxster race car acquisition with us on the following page, and we promise no more ice cream sundae references…
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This particular Boxster, however, is not for rent because it was bought as a track toy by the shop’s owner, but that didn’t stop us from wanting to take a peek at it, anyways. There is just something that we particularly enjoy about looking at race cars that started out as road cars, and CCC‘s personal vouch of approval of this one is good enough for us, and it should be. The fact that they have been exposed to and driven such a wide variety of stock is enough validation in and of itself to the merits of the driving enjoyment that a little ‘ol Porsche Boxster racer can bring.
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After all, the Boxster Spec and the Miata Spec (which they are involved with, as well) race series are two of the most competitive venues available out there which return the lowest cost/highest fun ratio available for grass roots racers.
Getting behind the wheel of one of these “momentum racers” is perhaps one of the best ways to hone one’s performance driving skills, since every mistake made while trying to hit an apex or late brake is not easily corrected like they would be by mashing the go pedal of a car with more horsepower. No way to cover up your mistakes in these cars, which makes the driver a better driver. 
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It’s ironic that Porsche Boxster’s and Mazda Miata’s are both considered to be “girly cars” by the general population, but they are actually two of the most highly regarded race cars by true automobile enthusiasts.
In any case, we like what these guys rep, so be sure not to miss our previous feature video interview of the Classic Car Club being interviewed by /Afterdrive where they chat about the future of lightweight sports cars, linked below. Great film, we couldn’t agree more with everything they had to say.
Also, be sure to check out Patrick Motorsport’s build of a Boxster race car in “Related posts” at the bottom of the page.
Here, the guys from CCC diagnose a problem with their racer:

Find it here at:
Classic Car Club Manhattan
250 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
Classic Car Club London
138 Pitfield Street
London N1 6JR


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