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What’s the most popular story of the day you ask? Behold! From May 28th of last year…


If you have been a die hard car enthusiast from a young age like we have, then you probably also remember the classic picture above from when it originally appeared on the last “Ampersand” page of the May 1983 issue of Road & Track. It’s clever caption, which reads, “‘Good tires,” Bob musedcasually lighting a cigarette, “but certainly not great tires.”‘ was written by Peter Egan, who so eloquently summed up the calm demeanor of the wrecked Ferrari Boxer’s owner in just one sentence. Continue with us on the following page for the recently unearthed short background story behind the infamous vintage photograph…

We immediately remembered the caption when we recently saw it mentioned on, which led to a link of a 9 page thread about it on There, it’s original photographer, Tony Robertson and others chime in and give us a better perspective of it’s surrounding story.
It turns out the Ferrari Boxer had just been purchased 3 days earlier by Henry Burgoyne, the dapper gentleman that you see so casually lighting a cigarette while peering at the Italian wreckage. Tony Robertson had been a local photo journalist on assignment when he saw the unmistakable red nose of the Ferrari peering up over the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. He immediately parked his car and ran over to the wreckage to snap some shots, but when he later submitted the pictures to the local papers, they all declined to run the story and returned the negatives shortly after. As a car enthusiast himself, Tony then took it upon himself to send the photos to Road Track.
3 months later, it appeared in the magazine, along with columnist Peter Egan’s caption. It was laughed about all over town after it was publicized, especially after finding out that Henry’s family owned the local papers, the obvious reason none of them were willing to run the picture of their boss’s son’s Ferrari wreckage in the first place.
A classic picture with a befitting classic story to go with it, it doesn’t get much better than that.

For pricing information for your own 20×30 print of the photograph, please contact Tony directly at [email protected] 

Information sourced from HERE, as well as: (this is not the same Boxer as the wrecked car, but the photo is discussed in the “Comments” section)

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