Update On 1967 Ferrari P4(Serial Number 0858) David Piper Restoration Controversy

What started back in our August 7th feature of a 99 page controversy on Ferrarichat.com over taking an original Ferrari 350 Can Am and rebuilding it as a 330 P4 has snowballed into a 154 page argument that now includes improperly referring to it as a 330 and giving it incorrect looking bodywork. We have attached pictures of the finished product on the following page and a link to the story which easily engulfs you in the interesting debate, so proceed with caution. Our original feature starts below…

From Our Original August 7th, Feature:
There is an interesting debate currently going on in a 99 page long thread at Ferrarichat.com regarding the restoration of Ferrari P4, serial number 0858. This race car had originally left the Ferrari factory in 1967 as a P4, and it was raced as such until the powers that be decided to develop it further as a Can Am car in order to stay current and competitive, as rules and regulations changed throughout the years.
In that era it was common practice for the Factory to take an existing race car that had run it’s course through time and then re-body it to run in a newly developed series. This particular race car has worn it’s factory re-skinned Can Am body up until recently when it was decided to remove said body and re-fabricate it as a P4 again. The idea was to bring it back to it’s former glory as it was when it was originally built. Let the controversy begin…


David Piper’s shop in England is handling the surgery using his very own original Ferrari P4 as a template for the wood bucks on which the aluminum skin is being formed.
There are 2 interesting and informative videos at the beginning of the discussion which talk a bit about how this rare competition vehicle is being upgraded just enough to allow it to tracked in the current vintage race series.

Part 2 here:


It will be fantastic to see that the car will be used in anger on the track once again, as it was originally built to do, but would you agree more on the side of the die-hard Ferrariista who are claiming that it is now a replica? Or are you of the opinion that it’s new skin that is being re-created for it is kosher, as it is being transferred back to the form it had when it was originally made?



Either way, there is no question that David Piper is the right man to be doing the job, as he was in the center of all the action back in it’s heyday.


The question here is would you have left it as a Can Am body, or changed it to P4 as it was originally? Feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section below.



Follow the active discussion here:


gallery of pictures: http://www.talacrest.com/talacrest_ferrari_330_p4_gallery/index.html

April 7, 2014 Updated Pictures and Video Part 3:
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