Petrolicious’s Tour of “The Righini Collection”

One of our favorite sites, was fortunate enough to have been invited to visit an unbelievable vintage car collection in Italy, and they shared the video and pictures of the tour with us, their viewers. Unlike yesterday’s feature where we showed neglected, abandoned vintage vehicles, these classics ended up in the right hands of someone who knew what they were and cherished them accordingly, and thankfully so. Without the purveyor of these cars, Sr. Righini, the one-of-a kind historical classics in this collection would have most certainly been destroyed.
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Most of the cars and motorcycles of this Collezione Righini were originally assembled by current owner Mario Righini’s father when he was owner of a scrap yard during Word War II. The government sent him silly old “useless” used cars that they told him to melt into something that could be made more productive for their country.
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Thankfully, he had an eye for some of the more rare, special vehicles that came his way and he put them aside for himself to keep.
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Without him, infamous race car driver Tazio Nuvolari’s Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 would have been destroyed, along with Enzo Ferrari’s first car he ever built himself, the one and only Auto Avio Costruzioni Type 815. That car was originally raced by Alberto Ascari in the Mille Miglia.
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The Righini family have accumulated an assortment of great vintage cars since then to add to their collection, including a Lancia Stratos and Ferrari 328, to name a few. All of them can be seen in the short following film of Petrolicious’s walk through of the beautiful, centuries-old castle’s original horse stables that have been turned into a whole different kind of thoroughbred storage.

We always look forward to’s weekly films!

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