Holiday Gift Idea: Murray Pedal Car Restoration Project

This vintage Murray pedal car was the subject of a restoration on by forum member “54FordPanel”. Just in time for the holidays, we came across this antique toy car which got us thinking about what a fantastic first restoration project something similar would be for a parent/child team. After all, today’s low quality, plastic molded pedal cars inspire no imagination and make obscene amounts of noise with their plastic wheels and tires. And talk about crash worthiness, nothing can stand up to the unavoidable impacts that your child’s first car will inevitably take head on like old American iron. Well, now is your chance to get the new year kicked off in style for you and your kid. Continue with us on the next page and follow one man’s restoration journey of his childhood toy car that was probably the spark that had originally ignited his automotive passion for a lifetime ahead…
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The old Murray had been sitting outside of his grandparents house to deteriorate for 50 some years. Although some might have written it off as a basket case, it still survived the elements extremely well.
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With the help of Speedway Motors, linked at the bottom of the page, he was able to get the correct rims, tires and decal set.
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He started by sandblasting everything, and welding up some extra holes that were probably for a ladder rack, and also some stress cracks, since he remembers chassis flex as being an inherent design flaw from the factory. Obviously, an early factory test driver in the makings.
With a little more welding and bondo, it was time for a new paint job.
Since red is his least favorite color, it was finally time to re-shoot it in a color he liked himself, which as Ultra Blue Pearl.
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A vinyl decal set from Speedway Motors was applied, and then a few coats of clear, a lot of sanding and heavy cut cleaner, then starting all over again from the beginning since he didn’t like the results.
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In the end when finished again to his likings, the little toy pedal car looks absolutely stunning. We think that the suggestion from a fellow forum member to put some bubble wrap bumpers around the car for his grandchildren might be a good idea.
Find the full thread here at:
Speedway Motors:
Here are some great pictures of vintage pedal cars gathered together for inspiration:
Find your own vintage antique pedal car project here at:

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