Videos: 2 Ferrari 250 GTO on Mulholland Drive Period Vintage Videos + 1 Bonus

Here we have former Ferrari 250 GTO owner Stephen Mitchell and his fellow Ferrari owner friends who gathered together in either 1969 or 1970 to shoot a couple of 8MM films. They filmed themselves driving their cars on the infamous Mulholland Drive and also at Willow Springs International Raceway, using a California Spyder as their camera chase car. Ahhh, to be only 19 years old and own a 250 GTO to toss around Southern California at the time, which was absolutely wide open back then. Pure automotive bliss. Surely, they had no idea that these cars would be worth approximately $40 million each in today’s current market. If they did, hopefully that wouldn’t have made an impact on how much fun they had with their cars. It certainly hasn’t put a halt to Nick Mason from letting his GTO still getting a good healthy work out, as witnessed in the extra bonus feature video on the following page after these two jewels…

As promised, here is an in-car video of Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 GTO being driven at 10/10th at the 2010 Goodwood Revival. Turn the speakers up and enjoy.
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