McLaren P1 vs. Nürburgring-Nordschleife

According to, the P1 has been rumored to lap the ‘Ring in an astonishing “6 minutes 30 something” elapsed time. While we normally don’t find ourselves getting too involved with the war on who’s the absolute quickest around any track, especially when speaking of rumors, if true, that number is mind boggling and no doubt worthy of a mention. Nice excuse to watch the video again, too, of course. Find it and our original feature from December 6th on the following page…

Say what we might have in the past about today’s modern, over-complicated, bloated and heavy sports cars, but a turn of events has occurred where we have been temporarily (read: permanently?) silenced. Specifically by what we saw at the 1:28 mark in this McLaren video of a P1 attacking the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and putting it in a sleeper hold in sub 7 minutes. Anything under that number is considered the holy grail of elapsed times for stock, street legal cars on DOT tires to accomplish. It is an absolute must-watch for gear heads from any and all car cultures to appreciate. Unite!

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