Ford F-150 “Raptor” 2WD Build

Over at, an active thread by forum member “sodrty” has been chronicling the build of his 2wd Ford “Raptor” project. His day/night job is working with All American Racing and their radical Delta Wing Le Mans car.  With all of the unbelievably impressive custom machining and fabricating that has gone into this build, we can safely assume that he has a active key role within the race team.



The reason Raptor is in quotes is because the truck starts out as an F150, but it has been modified so extensively that there is not much, if anything, on it that is left stock. If he had started with a Raptor, there would have been really nothing that wouldn’t have been replaced anyways, and the fact that he wanted a 2wd father than 4 was reason enough to start out with the lower priced alternative.



Just look at the radius bent front bumper, kicked in at both ends and the dual 16″ fan shroud. Some serious custom work.


Engine is hinted to be a 5.4 litre 4 valve from a GT40, with an eye on possibly doing an Elelbrock/Eaton supercharger.


The biggest difference between an F150 and a Raptor is the 6.2 motor, but there are those who prefer the 5.0 still, and either can be built up however desired, so an F series might be the more logical base to start financially/logically if you decide to take on big project like this. In the end, it all really depends on what goals you have for your build…the more involved you plan on getting with your build, the more it might make more sense starting w/ an f150 (from a cost standpoint).


This awesome truck was built at his work at All American Racers, where he fabricated most of the parts and did some machining and plumbing as well.


The travel is the custom suspension is strapped right at 20″, while ride height is near same as stock. The goal was to increase up travel as much as possible and lower the ride height to get the center of gravity lower.


Unfortunately, this 5900 lb gorilla took a little munch while playing around, but not to worry, all that was bent is bolt on parts.


Hey, it’s being used in it’s natural environment, as it should. This kinda thing ought to happen if driven the way it is intended! We applaud him for not turning the truck into a show piece that doesn’t see any action.

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