Article Recommendation: Dino Restoration Costs by Sheehan on Sports Car Market

Ferrari expert Michael Sheehan has an interesting article on his site, that was reprinted from a story that he wrote for the February 2006 issue of Sports Car Market, titled “Restoration to the Highest Level”. In the short article he covers the exorbitant expenses associated with building a Dino to a 90 point show car. It’s a great read, somewhat of a shocker while it really shouldn’t be considering it is a Ferrari we are speaking of here, whether Enzo wanted them labeled that way, or not. Then you realize that it is speaking in the financial terms of 2006 money which need to be recalculated for the current market and the readjustment of shock happens all over again. Are we really still in a bubble that is ready to burst at any moment, or are the expenses associated with being a vintage car enthusiast only growing to a level that will make every single “driver” left to be restored only as trailer-queen show museum pieces and out of reach to anybody but speculators and investors? We at CarBuildIndex represent the diminishing few left who say that wear and tear on a vintage Ferrari or other exotic sports car represents character, just drive the damn things and enjoy the hell out of them. These vehicles were built to be hammered, and hammered often, they don’t like sitting, that’s when things go wrong. Period. We predict a time in the not-so-distant future when original “survivor” Ferraris will be far more sought after than the dime a dozen restored examples, and not because they make great bases for overly restored rejuvenations. Something to think about after reading our “Related Posts” Dino Chairs and Flairs feature, linked below, too…


Be sure to enjoy it while eating some leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, as it is about the perfect length of one helping…

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And while you are at it, be sure not to miss our previous “Chairs and Flairs” Dino restoration feature linked below in “Related Posts”, and fix another plate.

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