1992 Lancia Delta Evo 1 “LaSupra”

This Lancia Delta Evo1 is the subject of an 112 page modification thread on alive.se by it’s owner, forum member “Pentell”. The project started out innocently enough as a build thread venture to share a few track mods on-line with his internet forum friends. It semi-quickly spiraled into an all-out tube frame revamp which included the install of a Supra Turbo J2Z engine with JZA80 rear end, transmission and axles. Anybody who knows the import tuning scene knows that Supra Turbos are capable of making huge amounts of power, and this build took full advantage of every modification that it could to make it able to produce approximately 1,000 horsepower while remaining reliable enough to race on road courses. In other terms that translates to being able to last more than a quarter mile spurt at a time. That fact alone is impressive enough on it’s own merits before we even jump into the whole home garage, custom fabrication build of it’s tube frame chassis…
Peter Pentell is the name of the madman genius/owner of this epic build who had owned the car for 10 years before starting the complete revamp. After modifying the Lancia’s motor over the course of his ownership for track days and never being satisfied, his obsession to find more power, traction and durability were finally answered in the form of the Italian to Japanese soul transplant.
We are in complete awe of his abilities in creating the tube frame chassis by himself.
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The control arms have settings installed in them to allow the option to run 650mm or 680mm tire heights, or can be used to adjust roll center, bump steer and front and rear camber gain.
Three air jacks were installed which came from a Porsche 911 Cup car.
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To get weight distribution ideal he set the engine as far back as his race class’s regulations would allow, which made it necessary to cut out the B pillar and move it back 150 mm to make ingress/egress possible.
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The engine hardly fit between the bottom of the chassis frame and the windshield.

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Normally we aren’t huge fans of cross-pollination between powertrains and chassis from different manufacturers and countries of origin, but somehow the last “Lot-udi” and this one have apparently moved us enough to feature both of them here, one right after another.
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Perhaps we have been transformed by these two divine interventions. If that is the case, then by all means we have seen the light, Hallelujah, we are saved!
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A full Spec List can be found after the following link below:
Sorry the link has left the internet 🙁
1992 Lancia Delta Evo1 “Lasupra”

3.0L European-spec turbocharged 2JZ-GTE, SMR valve work and 80mm turbo plumbing, custom machined and shortened throttle body, Skyline GT-R intercooler and radiator, TiAL dumpvalve, Meziere electronic water pump, custom stainless 90mm exhaust with one 4″ race catalyst and two small mufflers, heavy-duty oil cooler and sandwitch adapter with thermostat, AEM EMS  tuned by SMR w/ AEM boost control and A/F system, STACK dash display with sequential shift lights, three-bar boost gauge, EGT, FIA main power control system

Supra V-160 six-speed gearbox, automatic Supra rear axle w/ 4:27 ratio, Supra driveshafts, TRD LSD, Nissan s13 rear diff oil pump, aluminum flywheel, upgraded clutch, custom propshaft made by Svea Kardan, gearbox and diff fluid oil-cooled by 13-row coolers

Öhlins five-way TT40 dampers w 18k/10k spring rates (f/r), pushrod system adjustable in three steps with separate adjustment for ride height, five-way cockpit adjustable double knife swaybars, fully adjustable spherical bearing front and rear arms, Supra suspension geometry adjustable in two steps depending on tire size, fully adjustable roll center, bump steer, camber, caster, Porsche 997 Carrera steering rack, Volvo v50 electric steering pump, Brembo GT big brake kit w. 6-/4-pot calipers (f/r) and  355/345mm floating rotors (f/r), Tilton hanging brake pedals w/ 1:7 pedal ratio, custom space frame built to accept Supra driveline and suspension, air jacks

18″ XXR 527 wheels, 25/64 (f) and 30/68 (r) Michelin Porsche GT3 Cup slick tires

Custom designed body made in fiberglass with help from AJO Racing and brother Jonas including fenders, bumpers, side rockers, hood, tailgate, roofskin, flat underbody and rear diffuser, two-door conversion using custom doors that are 150mm longer and 75mm lower, Ultima GTR carbon fiber rear wing, Lexan side and rear windows

Sparco rev seats w/ harnesses, Sparco steering wheel w/ racing quick release, custom built cage and consoles, transmission tunnel

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